We create regenerative solutions across the global cannabis and hemp industry

KanaboStream is an IT-driven digital platform facilitating the global wholesale trade of cannabis and hemp products between approved counterparties.

  • Communication, collaboration and trade between approved members of the KanaboStream Community
  • Low THC and high THC cannabis and cannabis-derived products
  • Listings of seeds, biomass and extracts
  • Advisory, thought leadership and business solutions provided by the Cannabis Impact Group
  • Online and trading desk sales
  • Global platform


KanaboStream facilitates the sourcing of impact-verified cannabis and hemp products for:

  • Corporations and Businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Wellness Product Development
  • Cultivation
  • Industry and Innovation
  • Industrial Hemp Solutions and Applications
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Biofuel
  • Hemp Fiber and Textiles
  • Plant-Based Foods
  • Carbon offsetting programs


Companies and cultivators that present their product offerings on the platform are assessed for their Environmental, Social and Governance policies and practices, alongside their impact management and positive outcome realization. Products listed on the exchange include:

  • Genetics
  • Low THC cannabis flower
  • High THC cannabis flower
  • Major cannabinoid extracts
  • Minor cannabinoid extracts
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Hemp fiber
  • Hemp hurd and hempcrete

Digital Trade Listings and Offers

Engage with a secure digital marketplace that brings together leading impact-verified wholesale cannabis and hemp suppliers and buyers.

Supply Chain Transparency

Product claims are verified through third-party partners, laboratories and certification providers.

Blockchain-based Product Tracing

Our stakeholder working groups at the KanaboStream Community are collaborating to implement Provenance labels for wholesale and retail business to consumer products, along with technology for authentic product verification and tracing.

Authenticated Deal Closure

All members of the KanaboStream Community are required to adhere to criteria related to their Environmental, Social and Governance practices, as well as participate in our due diligence and vetting process. Transactions facilitated by KanaboStream occur between verified counterparties.

Due Diligence and Vetting

Our team screens members for Environment, Social and Governance risks, while facilitating the integration of impact measurement and management as part of the product supply chain. Member businesses are verified to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Brokerage, Tenders and Auctions, Futures Contracts

KanaboStream is a cannabis and hemp merchant platform offering integrated trading and logistics solutions. Access regular tenders of vetted wholesale cannabis, wellness and industrial hemp products sourced from approved suppliers.

Secure Financial Transactions

KanaboStream is managed by CMTREX Regeneration Ltd. in Canada, and all transactions are securely processed through verified service providers. We are in the process of implementing blockchain currency options for transactions facilitated by the platform.

ESG and Impact Data Integration

We integrate assessment and impact data as part of the product listings on the platform, while further facilitating verification, certification and the active realization of positive economic, social and environmental impact outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our team and solutions facilitate collaborative engagement between member stakeholders. We work to realize positive outcomes for our members, clients, suppliers, employees and the communities across our supply chain. We actively develop community investment initiatives engage stakeholders as part of our advisory groups.

Professional Services

Cannabis Impact

The Cannabis Impact Group is on a mission to develop and improve unique cannabis and hemp products and initiatives across the global agricultural, technological and retail landscapes.

CMTREX IT Solutions

Leveraging off our in-house expertise and proprietary IT stack, CMTREX IT solutions offers a range of services and plugin solutions helping clients more effectively manage their sales and marketing functions.

Sustainable developmnet consulting, impact measurement and management

Alongside our strategic partner, Roshem Impact, we are able to provide clients with a suite of consulting and verification services including impact investment strategy development, purpose-driven corporate structuring, impact management and measurement, outcome realization and stakeholder engagement.

CMTREX Trading Desk

A global network of traders, financiers and marketers focused on actively marketing and sourcing products on behalf of CMTREX clients while managing all aspects of the supply chain.